Car Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Estimates

It had been at least two months since I spoke to the man who hit my car. At this point I was starting to question the situation and I decided to take action. I really couldn’t afford to fix the car myself, and why should I have to pay when it wasn’t my fault? So, when I had the repairs done from my first accident, I asked them for a quote on the new damages. If you remember from the first episode, I saw a few scratches on the rear passenger panel and door. Looking closer, I could see that the scratches went through the paint down to the metal frame, so I knew it wouldn’t be cheap.

Luckily when the accident happened I noticed the man drove a white truck, but that’s the only information I had about him. So when the estimate arrived Friday morning, I waited for him to show up. He arrived mid-morning and I didn’t want to interrupt his workday so I waited until my lunch break. His car was still outside so I sheepishly walked to the office next door – estimate in hand. Their receptionist told me he was offsite but she promised to give him the estimate when he returned later that day. I made sure to leave my number and told her to have the man call me asap.

The weekend went by and I didn’t hear anything. Then Monday went by and I didn’t hear anything.

By the time my workday finished on Tuesday I was frustrated. Ryan was picking me up from work and I stood outside his car window debating going back to the man’s office. We were parked just outside the building; I could see through their office window that the man was talking with his coworker. Ryan encouraged me to go after noticing that both men were staring and pointing at us.

I walked into the building, knowing that the man had just been talking about me. I said hello to the receptionist and the man came out of his office.

He was arrogant and argumentative about the estimate. It was obvious to me that he had been dodging me, hoping that I would just let it go and repair the car myself. He did not forget, he was not waiting to save funds, he was playing me. He once again mentioned that he has a guy who works on his cars, and wanted an estimate from him. I explained my urgency in getting the repairs done, and he agreed to have his guy look at the car the next week. He was practically pushing me out the door, but I asked for a business card as well. He scoffed and said, “Why? In case I run off to Mexico?” I replied with, “Well, it’s been this long…”

I got his business card and immediately felt better. Now I had his name, an address, a phone number and email plus his make, model and license plate number. We had a plan to have the car appraised, and everything was back on track. Or was it? To be continued.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Car Wars…